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03 November 2006 @ 10:27 pm
Welcome to tsukimono! :D Lol, how ironic, a welcome after 4 icons posts. XD; This is Miyabi, your friendly graphics maker #02. :3 I be #02, because I'm not as good as lastskyline. XD And I'm younger. Sooo~ #02 I be. ^^

Anyways, cutting the crap, besides a welcome, (and thanks for coming here~ ♥ ^^) here are the rules! Oh, how exciting. ;D And there's also a mini tutorial on crediting. :3


× Comment! Before you take anything, always comment. ^^
× Credit either tsukimono or the maker of the icon. This would either be lastskyline or aikyuu.
× Don't know how to credit? Refer to below.
× No spamming/flames/harrassments/rude comments, etc. Will not be tolerated.
× Do not hotlink. Upload to own server if necessary.
× Textless icons are not bases unless stated otherwise. Therefore, do not alter anything.
× Um, enjoy? XD;


Like that. Simple. ^^

Oh, and feel free to..:

× Ask where an image came from. We'll be happy to either give you the link, or upload the image for you.
× Ask where the brush/font/texture is from.
× Request for tutorials, if you really like the icon. No guarantees, though. ^^;

..We're very friendly, and don't bite most of the time.
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